Collector of the Invisible #1 & Enter The Abyss #1

FragMENTAL digs – Collector of the Invisible #1 – Fragments cut/torn from older paintings, incorporating digital photographs from my Urban Abstract series, then finally using my trusty scanner then software ACDSee photo editor tool to achieve the image below. Oh, plus an additional digital piece titled “Enter The Abyss #1” …. all whilst listening to Frederic Chopin playing in the background. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

fragmental digs collector of the invisibleCollector of the Invisible #1

enter the abyssEnter The Abyss #1


Yin and Yang #2

It all began from a brain scratch (drawing from sketch book) and music played in studio which actually was my brothers early CD (released 08 August 2008 ) titled Son of Science.

All drawings are either graphite or archival none fade water based felt tip pens, my favorite and usually three point sizes.

triptych black and whiteThe motion of yin and yang generates all things in nature. Continue reading